Friday, February 25, 2011

Circus clowns and other assholes

A half dozen circus clowns came into my town and they've set up residence in my home - my womb, that is. And they have just evacuated the Volkswagen Beetle and have set up to start the juggling any minute now.

Yes, the circus is in town and that means five days of no fucky fucky, bleedy bleedy and a rather horrendous bout of hormonal tears. That was today and my inner suck came out and I cried at everything, even Kim Cattrall as she searched for her dead-beat, polygamist grandfather. I guess it struck a chord. My grandfather may not have been a polygamist (as far as I know), but he was as dead-beat as they come.

I also realized today that even two weeks after being released from my job at Cell Block C just talking about the still existent drama still gets my stress level rising. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Even though I'm not there any longer it's status quo at the prison, with the prison guards and the garrison manager having screaming matches in front of their employees.

I miss working with some of the people in Cell Block C. What I don't miss is the stress inducers such as above. Today was one of my down days. I was told I was bound to have them though I've been trying to keep the glass half full. What I realized is how much worse it would be if I was still subjected to a toxic environment in which everyone is yelling and no one is happy. It was bound to have affected my health even further if I had stayed. Praise Darwin for small mercies. Now to get rid of the clowns...

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  1. I think the ghost-stress effect lasts awhile. Even when you hate a place, it's hard not to get invested while you're there - and then it's hard to divest after you leave. Keep taking care of yourself. I know things will get better for you soon.