Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hankering down

I crave human interaction. After only four days away from the office and two days of networking and job searching online, I need to hear a human voice. It's become so dire that I would even settle for a telemarketer. At dinner time.

I've worked steadily since I got my first babysitting gig at the tender age of 12 where my neighbour's kid decided to shock me by walking around the house naked with a sock hanging off of his dick. He thought I would be embarrassed but with an older brother nothing fazed me. I wonder if he would think it was so cool now, at 30, to be reminded how I whipped off the sock and told him it was nothing I hadn't seen before. Boy, I was brazen at 12!

I'm less brazen now, four days in from my escape from Cell Block C, knowing I'm set to cash my last pay cheque on Thursday, weeks before my pogey kicks in. I have never been without a pay cheque. I put myself through school on three days a week of work at the gym. After graduation, I held three part-time jobs and continued to work a part-time and a full-time job until a few years ago. In my head, I know I'll be okay. I have money saved and pogey coming. And, I know it's my time to buckle down and finally secure my dream job (or as close to my dream as possible today). I'm on the cusp of the unknown, of new possibilities, and it's all on my terms. I'm nervous of the unknown.

So, I take a deep breath and hanker down for long haul.


  1. It's part of the process Scribe. I'll give you some advice that was given to me - Enjoy the downtime (as much as you can) because once you're back on the treadmill, you'll wish you were off again :).

    I did a lot of meditating and changed up my resume A LOT. Also take advantage of any free resume clinics and/or seminars that the government has. You've paid into it for years so take complete advantage of it.


  2. I'm still rolling on the floor from the sock on dick story. I agree with anonymous, use this time productively. Beef up that resume.

  3. Thanks Summer. I'm headed out to grab a coffee with a friend of mine, and to go to the gym for some meditation me time. Oh, and I didn't want to tell the little bugger with the sock that I really didn't know what to do, so I played it up. It worked, thank goodness, and it never happened again. These days I'd even ask for that excitement (oh, but not with a 10-year-old boy 'cause I don't want to add felon to my resume!).


  4. Wow I feel like I'm reading my own diary from 8 years ago. I remember missing interaction with people and being scared about the paychecks.

    I would say - use this as an opportunity to catch up with people you haven't seen in awhile - you have the time now! And if you don't have plans, try to at least leave the house once a day to go somewhere where there are people.

    It sounds like the checks will come, so try not to worry about that. The Universe will totally take care of you. I'm excited for you - these are really big exciting changes!

  5. Thanks Mel. I'm excited too. It's also good to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel and that someone else had been in my shoes and survived!