Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Scribe crossed the border and they spit her back...

This past Monday (Family Day yo!), I ventured across the Canadian-U.S. border with one goal - to rake in the good deals in Buffalo.  And, I found them. Purses, people. Purses. I'm a purse whore and if I knew anything about the Burlington Coat Factory it's they hock amazing purses. I's gots me some bling, bloggers. Green aligator purses, huge luggage-like handbags - they're my drug and I went willingly into the abyss.

I went along just for the drive, or so I told myself. Across the border, I entered my first store and scored. Two purses, a pair of yoga pants and (get this) a Rubbermaid veggie peeler in acid green... It got worse from there. I was on target in Tarjay, picking up a long louffa brush and a new wallet to match my snazzy green aligator purse, designed by Beyonce's mom. I got replacement underwear, socks and footless tights in Walmart and an amazing look-like-handmade quilt for the guest bed. And then they spit me back across the border where thankfully  the friendly border cops accepted my total for the day and didn't tear the car apart for more purses. And there would have been if I had a paycheque coming in!

It wasn't the ideal time to go crossborder shopping, but it was therapeutic. I spent the day with two cool gals and got my retail therapy in a relatively cheap atmosphere. There were deals and I had them. In all, it was a great way to start the week. Now it's time to buckle down and start the job search again, but not before I test out the alligator green bag. After all, I still have to keep up my style quota while I hock my wares...

Happy Family Day, Happy Presidents' Day, Happy February people!


  1. I love Target. It is the only reason I stay in America.

  2. Libby, I was very excited to hear that Target is coming to Canada, so you can cross the border too!