Sunday, February 21, 2010

To be honoured

Friendships made quickly on such a happy occasion!

I think I'm a good person who makes friends easily, but it's always uber-wicked when this is recognized. I don't need confirmation, really, but it does put a song in my heart and a dance in my step when another person steps up and puts his or her arm around you to say "You know, you're alright, kid." It's all about the connections you make, day in day out.

It happened today. A friend I met while on a holiday/tropical wedding contacted me on the Facebook chat to share some news: he's getting married. I had met him once at my friend's wedding two years ago in the Dominican Republic. He's a friend of the groom, a childhood friend who, despite the miles that separate them now, has asked my friend to be his best man. The connections are still there, the tie is unbreakable. And, in while sharing the news of his newborn daughter and his upcoming nuptuals, he extended the ultimate invitation. Despite meeting only once on such a happy occasion, he uttered the words (actually he typed them but I just imagine him speaking them): You know, if you can come to the wedding, you're invited. We'd love for you to come and join us.

In my years, I've found this commonplace among Dominicans, the instant acceptance, the throwing open of the arms to welcome you to the fold, no matter how your affiliation or no matter how long you've known them, or even your exposure to them. They are so very welcoming and loving, immediately opening up to you as family.

I was touched and immediately considered the invitation. Of course, I'd have to save for it, especially considering my skint stint in which I find myself. But, I'm honoured to be invited, considered, recognized as friend, as family.

It left me in a good mood for the rest of the day. I was light, I was jovial, I was exhuberant. And thrilled. It didn't hurt that I stepped on the scale at WeightWatchers to discover I had lost 3 lbs, bringing my total to-date to 10. Ten pounds down. I feel lighter already, not just in my body, but also in my soul. I'm on my journey, bloggers and it will be a hell of a ride.


  1. If I go back to the Dominican one more time I think my passport will be revoked and I'll end up a permanent resident......

  2. I think that it's more likely to be revoked because of the Mama Juana incident.

  3. Hi Scribeç A quick cuppa before I whizz off into the exciting uncertainty of travel... a little later than planned. But you know - I LOVE Markins by the way. The piece of paper just cracked me up... I had to read it twice before I understood ;-) And that, from a Markin herself. At least I go off giggling. Sorry to leave you this as a comment but can't find an email address in there. Off I goooooooo ;..

  4. And Scribe, as a friend of a Markin, I can only imagine, from what I can gather from your writing, that you would indeed be someone I would invite to my OWN wedding! Congrats on the weight loss. Feels gooood doesn't it! Have a great day.!