Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting his nails did

When I was little, I lived across the street from the only other girl on the street and that only girl had the only dog at our end of the street. I loved dogs and they loved me – except for this one.

Oh, he liked me well enough. He was always trying to kiss me, and as a basset hound, he’d leave a trail of drool everywhere he visited. The worst: he smelled. Bad. The whole house smelled so bad that I would visibly gag when I first entered the house. I’ve always had bad refluxes and it’s the smells that activate it.

So, when I noticed Kao’s bedding was a little less than pristine – okay, it stunk – I immediately took action, throwing out the offending blanket and exchanging it for a fresher, larger one. And, one that he would hopefully leave in one piece. The boy has an aversion to creating confetti. He would not eat the thing, but tear up the flannel sheet in strips that you would see in a carwash.

This coming Saturday, the boy is booked into the PetSmart Day Spa for a two-hour appointment for a much-needed bath and buff. He’ll get his smooth coat washed, dried and styled (?? – that’s what the ad said), and have his nails did - trimmed, I mean. The Man would draw the line at any polish but if the colour suits him I might have to acquiesce. After all, it’s all about the bling. Even for the boxer.

What will I do with two hours on my hands? Go shopping. For purses. A girl can never have too many purses. Or perhaps a nice new pair of pants for the body I’m sculpting, thanks to the beauties at WeightWatchers and of course, me. I’m down 6 lbs. bloggers and that is just the beginning.


  1. Good for you on the WW. I'm eating Funyuns right now. I can't find my motivation. lol. My basset stinks really bad, but it's so muddy here. I feel a groomer would be a waste of money until it dries out.

  2. Hey Summer,

    I don't think this basset had ever seen a bath in the 12 years I knew him. And you're right, it's kind of crummy here too but his nails are now digging in and making music on my laminate.