Thursday, February 18, 2010

Late night television can be edumacational

I’m a night hawk, and because of this, I see some pretty bad television.

I’m not sure what keeps me up at night – my internal clock, my internal wiring, my incessant worrying over everything that isn’t nailed down – you name it and it’s probably true, or at least makes up a portion of the reason my head doesn’t hit the pillow until at least 2 a.m. every night.

But last night was a windfall. I watched a program, while worrying about my new budget and cutbacks and light at the end of the tunnel. It’s not something I’d likely ever tune into – Tim Gunn’s Style Guide. It was pretty, frou-frou and surprisingly enlightening.

Sure, it dealt with a revamp of a wardrobe but unlike most “makeover” shows it delved deeper than the penchant for sequins and bad holiday sweaters and actually showcased a “Life Stylist.” What’s this humbo-jumbo you ask? Yeah, me too. But I kept watching.

The Life Stylist (code name for social worker, psychiatrist, therapist?) had this woman do an exercise where she labeled a bunch of volleyballs with her worries, some everyday worries, others life altering. He then had her put all of the balls into two prospective buckets, one of all the things she can control and the other things beyond her control.

After worrying about money and looking high and low for cutbacks and potential income increasers and expense decreasers, I needed some perspective. What can I control? My attitude. What can’t I control? You’d be surprised. You thought I was Wonder Woman didn’t you? I may have the same name but that’s all we share, if you don’t count the invisible plane and the gold lasso, but they’re presently locked up in my bedroom so I can scratch that worry off of the list. Phew!

So, at 2:30 in the goddamn fecking AM, I created two lists (I couldn’t find my volleyballs or a Sharpie marker… or buckets for that matter). I grabbed the first paper-like substance I could find – napkins – and wrote in point form my lists, a separate napkin for each ‘cause even though I’m skint, I’m not that cheap.

Things I can control:
  • My attitude
  • My weight
  • My health
  • My exercise regime
  • My time
  • My expenses (cutting back where I can)
  • My job search

Things I can not control: 
  • My family
  • Other people’s reactions
  • Work and the numpties I work for and with
  • My past (I’m learning to forgive and let go, but not forget)
  • My Man and his insecurities (I can’t make them mine or take responsibility for them)
  • Other people and their issues

This morning, I’m invigorated. I may not have thrown all of the items I can’t control into the bucket, but I’m in the process one issue at a time. And that’s a start. (I also applied for about 10 jobs online last night, one of them in PEI, so I’m hoping that my career horizon is on its expansion route.)

Until then, I’m in control. Damn it.



  1. I think we should be able to control other people. Wouldn't that be fabulous!!

  2. Can I be nosy and ask what the job is in PEI?

  3. It's for a news editor and assistant news editor job in Charlottetown. I'm psyched about it so I hope they (potential employers) are too.

  4. So, if you end up in Charlottetown, you're taking me in your suitcase, right?

  5. You'll always have a place in my suitcase, Anasatan. I may even swing a first-class ticket for you so you can actually sit in a seat.

  6. Ahhhahahah - eventually you CAN control your job too then hey Scribus ;-)

  7. Thanks, Darlin'! At least I will have a good reason to go out there...just no more 4 night drinking binges, ok? I'm getting too old for that!

  8. Yeah, Anasatan, since you're soooo much older than me we'll have to plan early bird dinners and only one drink per night before lights out at 9 p.m. Wait, don't you do that now? Heee Heee!

  9. Yeah, that week can make a huge difference...