Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A post about nothing (Seinfeld has nothing on me)

I’m at a loss. Looking back at the posts I wrote last month, I’ve come to the conclusion that I lead a very ordinary life. Day-to-day activities are lackluster and I seem to be pulling from my past and writing about that. Is the past so interesting that I’m stuck there? Perhaps it is.

I reminisced about my childhood growing up, my mother and father, though my brother has yet to make his way into the posts. Shall I talk about the time he laid underneath my bed and grabbed my ankles as I walked by? And the fact that I was so scared I actually peed on his hands? Oh, and I was five, okay!?!?!

Or shall I write about my very first job at 14, a little too young but not enough to notice. I looked older anyways. Or, how about the really cute rugby-playing boy I liked but stammered every time he came around. It got worse when I was told he actually liked me too. Me form a sentence in his presence? Ma hum hen a. No way. We’re friends now on Facebook and I still regret not putting myself out there. But, I was 15 or 16 and painfully shy. Oh, and I was a silly girl too. That didn’t help.

It’s certainly better than writing about the monotony of my day: getting up to feed and water the dog (yes, I said water) and get ready for another day of pushing paper, watching the clock until lunchtime (and snack time – I love this WeightWatcher regime!) and then home time. I’ve been trying different hobbies. I’ve joined a Monday night bowling league, I try to see my girlfriends for coffee and chat at least once a week and then I’ve got the wonderful WeightWatchers meeting. It’s wonderful because the leader is loud, exuberant and fun. Add information to that mix and I’m entertained and inspired. It’s a good combination.

Oh, and the art! After last week’s final “runs” class, I’m doubly inspired – so much so that I want to do two classes a week but know that’s not feasible. I created a piece that spoke on so many levels, but mainly it told me that I was capable. Of runs, of creating, of being inspired, and I need all the inspiration so I can find my calling. Maybe I'll find it in the next art course: bubbles. (Stand way back for a Trailer par

The job search is still ongoing. I’ve got no bites, save for a really nice rejection letter from an association in Manitoba. It wasn’t like I wanted to move to Winnipeg, but I wanted the possibility. It was not to be so it’s back to the drawing board. Anyone looking for a writer/communications specialist based in the Greater Toronto Area? I’m certainly willing to relocate or work from home. Boyo the Boxer would love that - more Mama all the time.

I am certainly glad that I have this blog (and yours too) to keep my writing skills up to par. It’s surprising how fast you can lose something if you don’t use it (I tell that to the Man and my libido all the feckin’ time, but that’s another story for another time).

Okay, so maybe I did have more to write about. It’s a free flow of nouns, verbs and adverbs – and more. Hopefully, they’re all grammatically in the right place because as some of you know, I love me some bad grammar.

Happy Hump Day, everyone. Literally.


  1. Job searching sucks - I never wanted any of those jobs that rejected me either, but it's time we got to be the one to do some rejecting - no?

  2. hey scribe : Came here from studio thirty plus.

    This is a really refreshing post and a very honest one too. I feel when we hit the 30's all of us do look back at the wonder years to keep on going. It is the same with me as well. And do not think your life is ordinary. You cane make it as magical as you want. Its all in you :)