Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stumbling upon serendipity

My blogger friend Ange had a brilliant epiphany after receiving an award from a fellow blogger in which she had to nominate 12 of her fave blogs. Why be so selective, she asked? And, taking matters into her own hands, she changed the rules. Just. like.that. And I am thankful for this.

Ange invited all of us bloggers to visit one of her avatars on her sidebar. Anyone. I chose Serendipity. Apropos is it not? This is the inspiration I found (it comes courtesy of imsocarly Chuck Palahniuk):

“The unreal is more powerful

than the real,

because nothing is

as perfect as you can imagine it.

because its only

intangible ideas, concepts, beliefs,

fantasies that last.

stone crumbles. wood rots.

people, well, they die.

but things as fragile as a thought,

a dream, a legend,

they can go on and on.”


  1. I think that's why I like readings and drama on the radio - so much better in my head!

  2. Scribe, I've been feeling so crappity crap lately that I even missed that post of hers. Lucky you're here and I got it through you! Right - quarantine over, the girl has the vacuum cleaner in hand and will NOT be smitten by bacteria againnnnnnn... Talking about things lasting ;-)

  3. :D I'm glad I could help, Ange! I do hope you're feeling better! Die, Bacteria, Die!!!

    Lulu, I so enjoy reading books and hearing readings on the radio especially because my imagination is just so much more vibrant than any director's.