Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Peace out, yo

Bloggers, I'm taking a small hiatus. I'll still be lurking around and stalking your blogs but will be off the radar when it comes to updating this blog for a bit. It's nothing you've done - I  love you all - but I'm spending time with someone who needs me more. Besides, I always pride myself on being upbeat and that's been hard to do over the last week and I don't want to bring anyone down.

Not everything sucks. There are definite positives, most importantly my outlook on life, so I've decided to create a thankful list before I depart on my sabbatical.

  1. A great group of friends, both online and in the flesh. Your words of inspiration make me smile, laugh, live.
  2. A renewed quest on the job front. I've handed my updated resume over to a firm with a promising venture. It pays well and I get a chance to work with great people. I believe I'm on the short list, so fingers crossed. Eyes and toes  too.
  3. Dedication and work in the gym and out. I'm still a little sore from my weekend warrior workout, gardening on Friday (planting) and hitting the gym and the treadmill and  eliptical on Saturday (I was up early, motivated and energized). And, it felt like a two-hour stint in the garden transferred into the feeling and fatigue of straight-legged dead lifts in the gym without the personal trainer screaming in my ear to do five more, four more, three more... you get the  picture.
  4. The Man. He may still give the dog a run for the money in  the flatulence department, but he's incredibly supportive. I'm blessed.
  5. Excitement for the future,despite recent happenings.
  6. Realization of my own greatness. I'm a good person and people like me, damn it. More importantly, I'm learning to like myself, flaws and all.
Okay, so it's ta-ta for now, bloggers. I'll be back before you know it. I've got to give you a chance to miss me and all my awesomeness.

Scribe out, yo.


  1. Good luck with whatever it is your dealing with! We'll be here when you get back.

  2. All right, chicky. Hope everything goes well.

  3. Thinking of you - missing you alreadyxxxxx

  4. Thanks all. I'm missing you too. I'm presently on a three-day vacation from work to help however I can with my honourary nephew whose brain tumour is in the final stages, according to the doctors. So, I'm making coffee and dinner, running errands and telling him I love him every few minutes just in case he didn't hear me five minutes ago. No one deserves this, but especially not him.

  5. Crossing fingers, toes, boobs and anything else long enough to be crossed...hair? Eyes after all. Really hope you get that job then you come back to us ;-)

  6. Ow - just read your last comment too. lots of love to the wee honorary nephew. What else to say...