Sunday, April 25, 2010

My Gusafus

I don't have a lot of words for you  guys today. I'm fighting a cold and have had some terrible news too late into the night to do anything. Instead, I'll post a single photo.

It's a great photo taken by a very talented, tongue-pierced photographer of her little brother. I love her and I love him, and I wish I could take away the pain during an impossible time.

Gus is a wonderful little boy and I've had the joy of knowing and loving him for almost a decade. He's designed "contraptions" in my house and promised me he'd be careful if I let him ride a mattress down my stairs (I didn't, but laughed as I said no). He starts every sentence with "Actually" or "No offence but..." No matter what he's doing or what's going on he tells me he loves me and brightens up whenever he hears that I'm coming over or even if he says my name. His mom tells me he makes his happy noise. He has no idea how much he's brightened up my life.

Please take every opportunity to hold your loved ones close and tell them you love them. If you've lost touch with those people, make contact again. If you've had a fight, take the first step to forgive them. Life is short. Every moment lost is one you will never get back.


  1. Thinking of you.

    My son also starts alot of sentences with "no offense but..."

  2. Hope you feel better. BTW I'm impressed with your call on the famous last words, "I promise I'll be careful..."

  3. Thanks Dual Mom and Summer,

    It was hard to say no to him and the mattress 'cause I actually wanted to try it myself (my inner child coming out).

    I went to see him tonight and got the happy "I love you" grunt. My heart flipped and then cracked open. He's in the last stages of a rare and inoperable brain tumour. I didn't want to see the decline but it's slapped us all in the face and now we must face the inevitable. I'm just glad I got to tell him how much he means to me now and not when it's too late.