Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Meet Hank

The hairs on my arms are now standing up. I’ve just read a comment from fellow blogger Sharon, The Blogger Queen and she uttered words worse than ‘earwig infestation.' So what did she say? Termites. And then I threw up in my mouth.

My stomach is in knots, my mind is racing and my hands are sweaty. And, did I tell you I think I just had a stroke? Okay, maybe not but I’m seriously whacked, man. I mean mention the possibility of something and I’ve got it. Have a little bite that won’t go away? It’s a tick and now I’ve got Lyme Disease.

It’s not Sharon’s fault. It’s all me and my damned imagination. I suppose she’s right: it’s better to check out and make sure of what it is not than to be surprised and heaving into a large paper bag because I was caught unawares.

I think I need a drink. Or five. You people better get the smelling salts out.


  1. Could be worse. It could be silverfish. Or flying cockroaches. Or these things... http://libbylogic.blogspot.com/2008/06/night-of-rhino.html

  2. Damn you, Libby! Flying cockroaches! And I thought you were my friend... LOL

  3. I just watched the video, Libby. OMFG!!! I don't think I'll ever sleep again!