Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spreading sunshine and cheer

I want to hang myself up by the eyelids as this is the fourth attempt to write and post this blog entry, and though I'm not entirely sure what happens, my finger hovers over the publish button only to hit the "Save Now" button. Save me from myself, I say.

It's even supposed to be a nice entry, a happy one, with much sunshiney goodness. While the weather here has cleared and cleaned up over the last few days, we did have a lot of rain. But, thanks to a nice, shiny and humbling award, the Sunshine Award, my days lightened and my mood brightened, and I got a new reader in the process!

Summer of The Circus has Come to Town was one of my very first visitors and one of the first blogs I visited. I got her humour and apparently she got mine. It's been a great blogship ever since. I constantly look forward to her latest post and apparently from the recent award she bestowed on me, she looks forward to mine too - especially when there's witches and spells involved!

The Sunshine Award
I have to say that I love, love, love this award, especially since I get to pass it onto other bloggers whose blogs have touched me... but only in the good places -- like my heart, you heathens!

While I can pick only five, I must say that if you're on my reading list or I'm a follower of your blog, it's for a reason. Whether it's your humour or your insight, there's definitely something there that I enjoy, respect and savour. Now onto those that make sunshine come out of my ass for real:

Lulu at Earwig Sandwich: She had me at the blog name and cinched the deal when she confessed she also leaves her Christmas decorations up until they no longer shine. It was then I knew we were kindred spirits since the wreath is still on my door and I have mini-Christmas trees on my china cabinet. Thank goodness I decided against putting up the Christmas tree this year.

Ange at Signed by Ange: I don't know where I discovered her, but it was probably through Lulu (who had me questioning her culinary experience since she put earwigs into sandwiches). Ange is inspired and inspiring. She constantly feeds me brilliant quotes and even more shiny insight into how those quotes relate to me. Plus, she's called me possum, and it's weird, but I kinda liked it. Plus, her art and ability to see art in the everyday leaves me wanting to continue to pick up the paints.

Dual Mom at We're at Dad's That Week: I'm not a mommy blogger by any stretch of the imagination, but after I was introduced to her through Bacon is My Lover (another brilliant blog, by the way), I was a fan. She's more than a mommy blogger and I'm not apt to call her that. She's more than a mom. She's more than a blogger. She's a self-described heartless bitch and I love it (and her blog).

Claire MontgomeryMD at car dancing: Since I am an avid chair dancer, couch dancer and stool dancer (I'd say table dancer but that has a whole new connotation), her car dancing blog intrigued me. If you can't dance in a car, where can you dance? But, it was the qualifier that had me: Things I Might Tell You on a Naked Road Trip. You must check her out. And try the car dancing thing. People may give you strange looks but at least you'll be dancing. Claire is looking forward to her daughter's 18th birthday next week but not the trip to the sex store or the McDonald's fries her daughters friends have suggested as an appropriate celebration.

Jay at Genius Pending: Another find at Studio 30 Plus (have I mentioned I love that site?), I love how this guy thinks (and writes). These days, he's spread himself a little too thin working on projects and on jobs that he loves. But while his blog has suffered a bit, he promises to reconnect and not stalk our blogs from his cell phone while taking a bathroom break. Thanks for that, Jay.

So that's it. Now these worthy blogs must spread the sunshine on, telling us about five blogs that turn them on - and turn us onto them in the process. They also should link back to me as the award giver. Thanks is not necessary. Reading your blogs is thanks enough.

It bears repeating: if you don't find your name among these five illustrious blogs it's not because I don't love you just the same. The fact remains that I visit your blogs. I don't spend time with just about anyone.

Spread the love.


  1. Ahhh thank you so much for calling me more than a mommy blogger. Not that there's anything wrong with being a mommy blogger (I need to quantify everything I say now since the whole small penis debacle).

    Thanks for passing along the award.

    Please don't hang yourself by the eyelids. That would probably hurt.

  2. I've done a bit of visiting and discovered some lovely new blogs thanks to you - and thank you for showering me with sunshine Scribe I feel honoured.


  3. I too feel honoured Scribe and encourage you to get your paints back out PRONTO! You are a definitely the sunshine behind the sunshine.
    You make me laugh too much, possum. Have a great day! xx

  4. You are definitely sunshiney. ;)

  5. Thanks for the award. That, and for assuming I actually think about things!