Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I'm stealing again... Stealy McStealer

The good people at Studio 30 Plus (Over 30 and Wordy) didn't know I was a klepto when they invited me to join their illustrious group of bloggers. I was over 30 after all, and should be trustworthy - a grown-up since I hit and surpassed this milestone birthday. Looks can be deceiving.

I'm a thief. I raid blogs and steal quotes and ideas from them simply because I can. Okay, I'm also inspired by them too, or I wouldn't give them the time of day. I've stolen from Ange numerous times, stalked Lulu at Earwig Sandwich and looked into the windows of Summer, Aunt Juicebox, Dual Mom and Holy Mackerel. There are more, oh so many more, but if I admit to the peeking, I could be charged with a misdemeanor. A felony record just won't do.

I did it today too. I clicked on Studio 30+'s latest blogger of the week and voila! A gem worth tucking away, and imagine my surprise when I checked my coat pockets after closing the door (okay, clicking the little X icon) and found it resting in my palm!

So, voila - a borrowed challenge - and one that I will take on myself even though the whole New Year's Resolution thing is months in progress:

Get ready for it...

"Every new year people make resolutions to change aspects of themselves they believe are negative.

A majority of people revert back to how they were before and feel like failures.
This year I challenge you to a new resolution.
I challenge you to just be yourself."

~Aisha Elderwyn
I'm not familiar with Aisha Elderwyn, but a quick search on Google unearthed the quote above and a varied number of entries about her journaling and some cartoons. I may not know a lot about Aisha (okay, nothing) but her quote rocks and it rocked me awake from a slumber of doing what is expected, what everyone else wants and forgetting myself in the process.
This is the Year of the Scribe, and I'm waiting to help celebrate the Year of You too. So the challenge is this: share with me (and the whole blogosphere) what you like about yourself, your favourite memory or the one aspect of yourself that you've embraced wholeheartedly.

In the spirit of the challenge, here is one of mine. I love when I can laugh with my whole self, throw my head back and guffaw until I have tears streaming down my cheeks. I was once told more than a few years ago that my full body laugh was over the top. I briefly considered editing myself, holding back so I didn't seem so out there, outloud. But only for one second. In the next moment, I was laughing even harder at the person's audacity to censor laughter. Now I try to laugh at least once a day, and I succeed.

Now it's your turn. Spill, blogosphere, spill. Rest assured, you will not be edited here.


  1. Hail Scribe AGAIN!! Excellent. I can here you laughing from here. Have to admit - the thing I love most about myself (apart from my humble personality) is my ability to laugh in almost any situation. Just knocks me for a 6 what a lot of people DON'T find funny!! Bugger that - I'm laughing loudly and raucously along with you...Now pop over and see me - I have something else that you may want to steal ;-)

  2. Bugger! I meant HEAR you laughing from here... Jolly spelling mistakes

  3. LOL Ange! My interns and I had a contest every Wednesday night when we were putting the paper to bed. One person would yell out a word and we would have to find another word that sounds the same but is spelled differently, or with another meaning. Here. Hear. Practice, Practise. Ewe. You. You get the picture. I, of course, was the champion!

    I'm heading over to your blog to steal some more! And, laugh right along with you.