Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble...

I am a full, card-bearing member of a coven.

The Coven is my newspaper at my alma mater, and I started my journalistic career there. I dug and delved into complex issues, participated in scrums, created leads, headlines and cutlines and put it all together in a pretty package day after day, week after week, for two years. I can honestly say that the experience ranks up there with my best moments.

About two months ago, I entered a coven of a different sort. Members: two. I know you're supposed to have 13 but we are just at the beginning, my friend and I. Every coven has to start somewhere. So, start we did.

I had gone over to catch up. I had also expressed my interest in exploring new religions. In a previous post, I had written "Compassion is my new religion." It's still the case, but with this compassion comes a curiosity of other religions - Pagasim, Hinduism, Buddhism and even Wicca, which sort of flows along the same lines as Wicca, worshipping the earth and the sky and all the elements in between.

My first Wiccan circle experience was a little disconcerting. It involved salt, knives, candles and a call to Mother Earth to show me a sign. I had been debating a life path at the time, wondering outloud what my next step should be in a certain situation. So, after calling on the North, South, East, West, Fire, Water, Mother Earth, Father Sky, I raised the question and asked for a sign. A flickering of lights, a loud noise - it could have been anything. What happened next was anything short of eerie.

I'm not going to tell you what the question was. To do so would give away trade secrets and perhaps hurt feelings in the process. I will tell you that I got my sign - loud and ever-feckin' clear. Steps away from where I first uttered the question, hopefulness full on my face, fear quivering in my eyes, there was a loud, fluttering noise and then a small, well-contained crash. A flickering of lights would have been enough, but apparently Mother Earth decided I needed a firmer answer: my friend's painting of Mother Earth had fallen off of a wall, a place of honour it's held for months. And there it was lying on the floor, moments after I had opened the discussion - "Should I... Will I... What should I do..."

To say I was freaked out was an understatement, but I was also intrigued - intrigued enough to buy an "Intro to Wicca" book. It's not to say that I will enter the coven forever, but it's certainly another realm to examine, along with meditation, compassion and anything else that brings enlightenment and balance to my life.

Happy Spring, bloggers. The season is a-changing and so am I.


  1. I do hope this means new outfits!

  2. Sounds very interesting indeed! I think it's great that you're exploring other beliefs. Let us know if you learn anything interesting!

  3. Very interesting. I love new experience. Oh, and come by my blog to pick up an award!

  4. Uh oh...Did she pick up on my cloud of evil? Sorry about that, I try to keep it near me unless someone needs a dose. Not that you would ever need one, you're on my good list lol!

  5. Lulu, any time is a good time for a new outfit, but a Wiccan circle is a definite!

    Dual Mom, I'll keep ya posted! So far I know it's important to stay within the circle of salt - and to keep a broom handy for the clean-up!

    Summer, Girl - thanks! I love new experiences and I love the award. I will cherish it and share it.

    Anasatan, if your evil was to penetrate it would have been way back when I thought you were a cute Native Indian boy.

  6. Onya Scribe. What sort of new outfit? Lulu knows someone that sews for the clergy - maybe she could help you out with some robes. In any case ...eerie experience. I had a Wicca book too. I think there's something in all of it - have fun testing it all out.