Monday, March 22, 2010

Single for a week

My partnership has turned into an entrepreneurship, at least for a week.

This past Saturday, I bid farewell to the Man as he embarked on a week-long holiday. It's more of a working holiday, given that he's traveled six hours into the province next to us. He's helping his sister and brother-in-law move houses to new digs on the grounds of Bishop University in Lennoxville, Que.

So, I'm single until Saturday. Don't tell him but I actually looked forward to having the house to myself for a whole week. I had a list of all the things I would do: take puppy to the park (weather and grounds permitting), have breakfast for dinner - in my underwear (I must remember to close the blinds in the kitchen!), set up coffee dates with old friends without calling in to let the Man know and have a whole queen-sized bed to myself.

To-date, I have yet to set up the coffee date; cancelled the pancakes for a healthier choice of broccoli and chicken stirfry; and with a puppy play date set up for this weekend, eating in my underwear was not a good choice. But again, it's only Monday.

I do like spending time with the Man and appreciate all he does around the house, especially taking out the trash since it's my least favourite thing to do.  The other is killing people. Visit here for a look at an exceptionally funny Llamas with Hats video. Killing people is Carl's least favourite thing to do as well. Frying up hands and eating them on the other hand... But I digress...

I felt a little guilty for looking forward to his departure, but only for a minute. Minutes after saying a long goodbye, I was giddy. Giggling. Grateful.

I love my alone time and with a live-in boyfriend and a very curious dog (who follows me EVERYWHERE, alone time is very rare. So, tomorrow, I am off to the gym and then out for coffee with a friend, but not before taking puppy on a much-needed walk (The days of rain in the forecast has put a damper on the dog park plans).

It will also be nice to find the toilet seat in the down position and fewer dishes to be done. Oh, and more room in the queen-sized bed (only if I don't let Kao share - he's a bed hog).


  1. Oh you lucky girl! I NEVER get any alone time. My husband works from home. Pity me while you're eating in your undies.

  2. So far, Juicebox, I've done laundry, taken the dog for a walk and cleaned the kitchen. Oooh I lead such an exciting single life! Hopefully tonight I will be setting foot outside of my house and chatting over coffee. Wish me luck!

  3. Why don't I see ANY mention of me, and the Princess dog!? Humph!

    - Nee Nee