Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A united voice

I'm a regular follower of a really inspiring blog - Fickle Feline. Kat's sense of humour is what first hooked me. Since that introduction I've learned that she is a dedicated mom, great blogger/writer, photographer and quilter. She's also an advocate for autism. A long-time friend of mine has twins, a girl and a boy. His son is autistic. And he's a beautiful soul. Kat understands. Her son Max is also autistic, and through his parents' dedication, he's making great progress. It's amazing to see such dedication and hard work pay off. And for that reason, Fickle Feline the blog is one of the first blogs I visit when I log into Blogger.

Today, she posted a request and it's one that I wanted to share with you. There is a child who will no longer receive funding for treatment, a decision being made by the College of Psychologists in Toronto on April 4. Here is his story...

Date: April 4th 2011

Time: 10a.m. until noon (12)

Location: 151 Bloor Street West, 9th Floor, Toronto, Ontario

From Norrah W.:

This is an important case, because the college was simply going to dismiss it. It is my understanding that after appeal it has gone above the college to the Regulated Health Professions Board. The family is coming forward and sharing all the info regarding the case, and pleading for as many as possible to attend the hearing. This is an opportunity to show everyone; government, media and professionals that we still stand united in our advocacy and will not settle on second rate services and funding for our kids.

This is also an ELECTION year and this isn't just about autism, this is about people with disabilities being dismissed, ignored, discouraged from taking action by proper bodies to protect their well being and public interest. THAT is something that binds the ENTIRE disability community and we and the care takers of that community have enough numbers in Ontario to COMPLETELY decide the outcome of the next government.

So I ask who is showing up for two small hours and if you can't do you have media contacts have you contacted them?

Historically the village has not been large in numbers so send a family member if you can't go, a therapist, a friend close to your family who knows your beautiful child, if you want to sit and be passive then truthfully the worst will continue to happen to our children and people with disabilities in general. We are the bottom of the pole, yet largest in numbers when you factor in five of our care givers, just five votes for each person with a disability and we have a new government.

It takes a couple of hours and a voice, as well as the ability and want to pass it on. It takes a voice.

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  1. I hope your friend rallies the support this cause needs - the cuts always affect the weakest most don't they?