Thursday, March 24, 2011

On the road again...

Willie's too sexy for his overalls...
I think Willie Nelson has kidnapped my mind, body and soul with those four little words. While I find Willie Nelson cute in an old-overall-and-braids-on-a-guy sort of way, I don't think I ever dreamed of knocking boots with him (thankfully). But, I think I'm on his wave length when it comes to road trips.

The best thing about being sans work is the free time I have to visit with friends, and it's because of this free time that I can hop in the car and travel three hours across the province to the thriving metropolis that is Napanee, Ontario. So what's captured my attention to justify a fill-up of the tank and a Tim Horton's travel mug in my hand? My Japanese friends on the last leg of their Canadian visit.

Kaede is now registered to attend school in Belleville, a nice private school where she will finish up her high school credits. Her computer is set up and by now she's BBMing her friends on her new Blackberry. Joy will have visited Costco or Walmart to stock up on all of the gifts she's meant to bring back to family and friends.

On a side note, did you know if you're visiting from Japan it's considered ill will to leave ANYONE off of the list of touristy momentos. So, Joy must stock up on everything - from maple syrup to Canadian flags and figurines to give to everyone from the grocer to the mailman (mailperson?). Everyone who knows of your visit is to get a gift. To do otherwise is considered a slight.

Considering the state of affairs in Japan, I think Joy will be stocking up on basic supplies we in Canada take for granted. I know she can't take back fruits and vegetables or risk confiscation, fines and worse, she may take back packaged snacks - items she can easily hand out and ones that will fly under the radar of the Japanese equivalent to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. So, it may be a visit marked by jaunts to the super stores in the area. All I know is I'll be happy to properly catch up, which we haven't been able to do with the fly-by visits we've had in the last five years. And, it gives me a chance to get to know the older Kaede and Emily so I have a different picture than the 10- and 5-year old versions I still have in  my brain.

So, I'm on the road again and I will keep Willie Nelson as my co-pilot - just as long as he doesn't try to tickle me with his beard or his braids. I hope my overalls from 1983 will still fit...

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