Friday, July 16, 2010

Hotel Chic

I usually don't get this excited when I get to stay in hotel. Maybe it's because the other hotels and hotel rooms were a step up from the Motel 6, and even then, not a big step. I once even stayed in a motel where you could walk right through the screen door without opening it. What's the sense of having a screen door with no screen or glass. But, next month when The Man and I head to Quebec City we will be sleeping in bling, namely the bling at a unique hotel in Sainte-Foy - ALT Hotel Quebec.

Here's a bit of what we expect to see, if the web site pictures are any indication. No broken screen doors for this girl!

Here's a list of what we get:

  • Down filled duvets
  • Individually designed guest suites with orignal artwork by local artists
  • Beautiful spa-like bathroom with tub, shower, spa mirrors and all ammenities
  • Clean, crisp design
  • Free wireless internet in case I feel like blogging (sorry, I probably won't!)
  • 5 minutes' drive to the wedding venues
  • And all for $129 a night!


  1. that price is criminal!!!! lmao
    i am so sneaking into your luggage ;)
    can't wait to see you guys! (you and the boy-o!)

    - Nee Nee

  2. I'll pack light so there's room for you :) Looking forward to seeing you too!