Friday, July 30, 2010


I’ve been thinking of upgrading my car for a little while, now I’m starting to have a one-on-one friendship with my mechanic and my car seems to love it there a little too much.

So, I took to the internetz to figure out the best ride for my buck. I think I found it, if this one guy’s review of it stands true.

Introducing… the Hyundai Veracruz Limited 4dr SUV (3.8L 6cyl 6A). This is what Dude in Hawaii says about it. I call him Dude because I don’t know his name but also because I would call every guy in Hawaii “Dude” with different connotations for each scenario.

“DOOODE! You just cut me off! No I won’t hang ten. I’d like to hang your testicles from the rearview mirror of my new Hyundai Vera Cruz.”

“Dooode, you rock.”

“Look at the pecs on that dude.”

But I digress.

Like I said, I’d been keeping an eye out for a potential replacement car for a while. The Toyota Matrix, another Hyundai Accent or did I want to go bigger now that I’m carrying precious cargo (Boyo the Boxer, of course). The review that cinched the Hyundai Vera Cruz for me:

Handles really good but a bit lag when @ green light, helps save gas i guess. Got it @ 110 miles, My wife and I first new car, course i favor it more because she liked it and the safety for our kids, I'm pretty tall so i wish seats go back further for leg room. Matt came with the SUV. Heated seat not needed in Hawaii but the a/c is very cold so we might as well use it. lol. Factory speakers inadequate so i upgraded.

Smooth ride, sunroof, breaking, looks good in the sun, looks good at night, handles great on turns, still smells like a new car, love the safety seats for kids, love the 3rd row, you can plug ipods, tv, etc in the front, middle and rear of the suv, i still think it's a chick's car, but i love it.

It better be a chick’s car if Matt comes with it! And, Dude, can you give Matt my phone number? Thanks.

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