Friday, July 30, 2010

Hot Pug in the City

Get your pugs, get your hot pugs here...

Okay, so the guy at the dog park wasn't yelling it out but we were offered a pug. And, I'm actually thinking about it. Considering another boxer in the house would be too many boxers and not enough house, a pug might be the ideal answer. It's cute and it doesn't take up a lot of real estate. Did I mention that pugs are cute?

So, The Man and I are considering going to see them. Yes, yes we are. I can't guarantee we WON'T walk out with one.

I should qualify that the pugs are not hot. They are legit and come from the pairing of a black and a fawn pug. I'm not sure if they're free but it sure seems like it, since the pug guy has 8 pugs and a small house. Hot pugs in the city, indeed.

Now to think of a name...


  1. I just ran into your blog....

    Just thought I would let you in on the madness that comes along with having a "pug." I am a HUGE dog lover (funny, like you, I also have a boxer as well). I have had my Pug (or well she is a mix, but acts ALL PUG, boxer is purebred) for over 6 years, and while I love her little silvery black heart, she is a complicated little dog, and I have learned Pugs all exhibit these similar behaviors...
    *They are impossible to housebreak because they are stubborn. My Pug will NOT use the bathroom in the house while I am home, or can see her, but when I am gone or she is MAD she will find spots all over the house to go (and I let her out 20 times a day), and I KNOW that she KNOWS better.
    *They SHED big time. More than an 80 pounds long hair Collie actually. And their hair sticks to EVERYTHING, and you will find it EVERYWHERE, even if they have not been in that room or area.
    *They constantly lick things. They will lick a certain spot for HOURS and leave wet spots all over your furniture or wherever they are at the time (I have know several other pugs to do this exact same thing).
    *They make weird noises...For example, my pug, and my aunt's pug as well, both sound like a coffee pot that is brewing when they eat...
    *They get impacted anal glands constantly, which makes them scoot their butts on the floor trying to relieve the pain/itch. You may have to have them "cleaned out" every other week, which gets mighty expensive. And if you let it go, they STINK because the stuff seeps out of them.
    *They are obsessed with food and will eat until they explode. I have never seen anything like it. My Pug constantly searches the floor, sniffing every inch of the carpet for crumbs from my toddlers, or she follows them around, waiting for their food to drop or get close enough for her to grab.
    *They stay up under your feet 24/7, then have to be with you all the time.

    Now, I know this all sounds horrible.... But I do love the girl! She is super smart *yet unbelieveably stubborn*, she is super loyal to me, she is ready to go for a ride at any time, she is small *except very fat*, she doesn't yap like most small dogs, she would NEVER bite or hurt a fly (and with 2 toddlers, she has been tested), she is lazy and calm, and she has the cutest little face I have ever seen..........

    So even if you get a Pug you will love it:) But I thought I might warn you before you do, some people might not be able to live with the quirks.... GOOD LUCK!

  2. Thank you for the insight (and for reading my blog). Anal glands... ewww! My boxer does not shed that much and I just said goodbye to my 15-year-old furball of a cat. I've just now got rid of all of her fur.

    I know I would love him/her but I will definitely take into account all you have said. The quirks are definitely a lot to think about.


  3. I wanna come see 7 little pugs with you! Pleeeeeease! :)

  4. Oh, and I think Paul would be a good name, just sayin ;)

  5. LOL, we have a pug. He's the newest addition to our family and aside from the fur issue, which we didn't think was that much of an issue, we've never seen any of the other problems of pugs. We've found he's just too cute and sweet and lovely. By the way, he's a new addition to our home but an older fellow who needed to be rescued.

  6. Scribe - think about the shedding. I'm considering giving away TJ the rascal simply because of the shedding. We've gone through 4 vacuum's in 6 years cause they can't keep up with the shedding.

  7. No way! Although I know how you feel. I had Bella for 15 years and that girl shed like a biatch! Miss you Ro-ho!