Friday, June 3, 2011


When I woke up this morning, I had made a decision. I would do what I never do. It could have meant anything - brush my teeth with Preparation H, eat dessert for breakfast, take up yodelling or decide to roll in the mud pit that is my backyard. The point was I was to do something that I would not do normally.

So, I went to the movies. That in itself is not unusual. While I don't go often, I have on occasion picked up the phone and invited friends to go to a movie or stepped out with the now ex for a little popcorn and Hollywood. Today, I went by myself. And, it wasn't as awkward or weird as I thought it would be.

It did help that it was a matinee, so the theatre was a little emptier than normal. It also helped that I was a little late in getting there (no surprise for any of my close friends - watches and I do not mix). But, in a sense it was liberating - a step away from couplehood to the new single life that I will soon lead.

I am leading a single life at the moment - somewhat. The ex is moving out at the end of the month, having found a bachelor apartment to rest his head. It also means that I have less than a month to find new tenants to bear some of the load of running a household. That's not the daunting task - the hard part comes with opening the doors of my house to potential strangers, strangers with habits different than my own, habits that may irk me, and I must decide what can stay and what must go.

I am looking forward to a decluttering - of my house and my head. With the ex gone and his large, bulky furniture, I'm looking to make my bedroom light and airy - a fresh coat of paint, a fluffing of the duvet and perhaps some green apple sheets to put a little spring in my bed and my step.

Perhaps solitary won't be as daunting as I thought. And, I don't have to share the popcorn.


  1. Post-break-up redecorating is really a wonderful thing. You can make the house feel uniquely you - like a little nurture nest to get you through the transition. I loved taking back my apartment after break-ups (and there were a few...)

    And solo movie trips? The best. I always feel good - like I'm treating myself to a date.

    You sound like you're on a good path. I'm happy for you.

  2. Maybe you can board some pigs in the mud pit!

  3. Sounds like it's perfect time for a coffee night or some other much more lady like bevvy.

    Gimme a call and let's make it a date.


  4. Mel, it's proving to be a great summer. I'm in a better head space and I'm looking forward to a renewal. I love the redecorating - like everything is fresh.

    Libby, I think the pooch would have a field day with the pigs in the mud. I know I'd have fun watching them!

    Rho, consider yourself on alert. Coffee/drink date soon. I will call ya this week to arrange. I love having all of my freedom back.