Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hanky panty...

I'm all into checking out my blog's stats - namely who visits and how they find me. Imagine my disturbance when I saw that someone visited my blog by typing in "ice skating panties." I just hope it was a misspelling...

I don't think I own a pair of ice skating panties and have no clue as to what  they would look like. I know mine would be with a massive amount of padding as I would be falling on my ass the entire skate time. Kindergarteners would skate circles around me, laughing, pointing and taunting me because they can do the hockey stop and all I can do is stop with my face...


  1. OMG. This is g-rated compared to how people find me. I will not hijack your blog with dirty words for fear of getting banned but... trust me...

    I rank REALLY high for things that involve sex, animals and family members. I can assure you... I don't write about these things.

    People search for REALLY messed up stuff - LOL

    Just saying... you are not alone.

  2. I don't feel alone any longer, Six-Fingered! Thanks for commiserating!

  3. Oh, and I would not ban you for dirty words. I'll ask you to write a guest blog!!

  4. How does one find out this kind of information??? :(

  5. Hey, that's how I always search for your blog. What?

  6. @ NeeNee - I'll go over it with ya!

    @ Aunt Juicebox - I usually just dream of bacon and POOF! You're there!