Monday, September 27, 2010

Don't phone Hoarders just yet...

I may have been a little too quick to jump on the hoarders' bandwagon. Tonight, I actually sat down and watched a full episode. Between cringing about a cockroach infestation and gasping in awe of how much stuff can actually "fit" into a home, I've decided that while I may keep things a little too long, at least you can walk through my house without having to call in a search party to get out.

What disturbed me the most was that the parents featured on the program thought nothing of placing the spillover from the rest of the house into their children's rooms, so much that there was no available space to sleep.

Oh, and don't forget the cockroaches. Yes, cockroaches. Everywhere. My skin is still crawling and I thank my lucky stars that I have the odd spider or two and a rogue moth to contend with and not the scurrying of cockroaches of all sizes and ages as soon as the lights go on.

Not too many things make me queasy. I can handle spiders, earwigs and even mice, but I draw the line at cockroaches. I've been traumatized more than once by those disgusting creatures. The first time had me running down an aisle trying to make an escape from a flying cockroach that, I swear, followed me throughout the store as I tried to leave. A second time, it was a cockroach falling onto my hand as I tried to make a purchase at the checkout counter. And, it was not even the same store. I made even more acquaitances on vacation, and while I was expecting them since it was the tropics, I was still all heeby-jeeby about them.

So, in short: you can see my floors, I'm working on clearing the clutter and making money in the process and I am cockroach-free. All in all, I think I'm winning.


  1. Oh Scribe I couldn't watch that show I'm sure. I have collections - that have to be fit somewhere. What doesn't 'fit' goes. Gets chucked. I'm always lamenting how much stuff I have and try to get rid of more and more. Except in my new studio ... as long as I can keep the cockies away I'll hoard my papers and curiosities till the day I die ;-) Thanks for the birthday wishes
    I'm back!!

  2. Yaaa! You're back, Ange!

    I've learned the collection lesson the hard way and I'm in recovery as we speak. I've broken it down to small goals - going through old documents, etc. - and I'm making it!

    So glad you're back!