Monday, June 7, 2010

Karaoke Queen takes it on the road

I know all the words to every Grease song, Neil Diamond's Sweet Caroline and my personal favourite, Fever by one Ms. Peggy Lee. What you didn't know is that this reformed shy girl actually takes to the stage once every week to belt out the tunes. It's like bingo but with a microphone.

You know the obsession. Only people in purple stretch pants and gold chains step up to the mike and either relive their heyday or think they are the next shining star with their next big break right around the corner. And then there's me. Every week.

This week was no exception, but this time I was mobile. Or, I would have been mobile if my friend Celestial would have turned the key in the ignition and actually left the parking lot. He got a new ride a little while ago, a really rockin' SUV with all the bells and whistles including leather seats and a DVD player for those long road trips. Or, at least that's what most people (mainly with kids) use the DVD player and screen for. Not Celestial. He turned his sweet ride into Mobile Karaoke, complete with mikes.

He figured if his home Karaoke DVD works on his home television system it would work in the car. It does and it's even better. Imagine dancing the night away at a club. You're still hyped from the beats and not really wanting to call it a night. Enter Mobile Karaoke. You  rev up the car and your DVD player, make sure the mikes are on and then it's jam time - and not peanut butter and jam.

Driving down the Atlanta highway...
Okay, so we're nowhere near an Atlanta highway. It's the Gardiner, the 427, the 401 and  the 410 but you get the picture. The SUV is The Love Shack and you're singing that your tin roof is rusted. What the hell?!?! Tin roof rusted? Sure, why not. You can duet or go solo and your performance is scored by the brain inside of the DVD. Not bad? Are you kidding me? I nailed Sweet Caroline! Twice. And The Long and Winding Road, but The Love Shack not so much. There was little love there.

The plan is to really take it on the road. Karaoke Road Trip with at least six of our friends (the ride seats seven comfortably). I suggested a bus, but the only bus we could get on short notice and one with a DVD player was one of those short school buses. You never know, we might end up in a lane next to you. If it happens, smile, nod and just accept that we are going to serenade you 'cause that's just how we roll.

Karaoke Queen out.


  1. Oh my god this is the most ingenious idea ever!! Your very own road show!

  2. Does he have The Rodeo Song?