Thursday, July 2, 2009


I had a dream last night, that I was swimming. But it wasn't the usual swimming pool, lake or ocean in which I dipped my toes and flutter-kicked. It was a backyard oasis but instead of a aquamarine pool, it was a 9-ft., Olympic-sized vat of wine. Red wine. And I was swimming in it.

Now for those of you who do not yet know me well, I'm Flipper. Yes, the aquatic mammal who helps Timmy out of many dangerous spots. My friends tell me it's because I have freakishly short arms and legs - flippers, really. But I think they like how I scull back and forth between the loungers and the swim-up bar, a fistful of drinks every time. Or, it could be because I'm always the first one in and the last one out of any pool anywhere. Whether I'm swimming or treading water, it's the first place I'd ever want to be. Make it an ocean and I'll see ya next year.

But tonight, I will be swimming in wine. TGFW! The man and I are putting together Ikea furniture together - for the very first time. So, I'll take the wine as back-up; back-up in case I get my back up. You see, I have some good suggestions and I'm often quite meticulous, character traits (which Mon Petit sees as flaws) that come in handy when tackling an Ikea design. I think, at least. We ventured out last night and bought a TV stand. The dresser-cum-TV stand in employ right now is not big enough and it's old, like Depression-old. It's been repainted and repainted, mostly by my father, who thought at 17, metallic silver was oh-so-cool. It's not when it's 2009 and I'm picking paint chip after paint chip off of the floor before Kao or Bella can lap them up.

Its age is not the only reason we're exchanging the dresser for something a bit more this bi-centenntial. It won't fit our new high-def TV. Yes, people, we're so def we're high. Okay, I got that wrong but you know what I mean (or do you?). So it's hats off to the clean design, Allen key assembley and the fact that a good-sized television stand could fit in the back of our car.

The label on the box mentioned that "some assembly is required." I think a vat of wine is. We all have our priorities.

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