Thursday, July 16, 2009

Billie Joe, I love you...

...and not in the platonic, friends-only, brotherly sort of way.

It must have seemed like Quiz Night on the network channels last night because I was asked a few "If you could" questions. "If you could live anywhere, in any city, where would it be... and why.... If you could 'have' anyone famous, who would it be?" Oh, what questions!

It took me all of two seconds to answer, quite emphatically "John Cusack." I don't know what it is - his soft eyes, soft lips or the dark hair. I can't pinpoint any one thing but I do remember watching Say Anything and thinking "Oh man, now there's a guy I'd spoon with..." Despite his oft-sucky movies of late, I remained a fan. Oh sorry, present tense... I remain a fan, an oogly, love-struck fan. That's me. Remind me to wipe my drool off the keyboard before it crusts over with my saliva.

I soon added to that list: Matthew McConaughey. It goes without saying. He's eat-off-the-washboard-abs Y-U-M-M-Y. What took a little bit more thought and a run-through of his band's new album, not to mention an upcoming concert (Oh my Darwin, it's tonight!!) is my next crush. Now, Billie Joe Armstrong is not my typical choice for a leading man, my leading man. He's shorter than I like them but what he lacks in height, he makes up for in stage presence. His lyrics are spot-on, as is his delivery (and the entire Green Day line-up for that matter). And, he can make fun of himself too. That's sexy. And so are his eyes, rimmed in kohl and willing me to gaze deeply into them. I wish I had front row seats, but the restraining order won't let me (okay, just kidding. Really. I am).

Add Taye Diggs and my love list is complete. Yes, I like them tall, dark and handsome, or in Billie Joe's case, dark and handsome. I'm just hoping they love me as much. Why wouldn't they? I'm lovable. I sometimes just have to make them love me, all Misery-like. But with no clubs. That would be messy.


  1. I'm with you on McConaughey and Diggs. Yummy!

  2. I could have had a much longer list but after those four, I would be stretching it! Weird Al Yankovich maybe but only if he sings Pitiful.