Saturday, May 7, 2011

I really do need a life...

Blurry photo taken with Blackberry of the countless rubber chicken taunts. He's back again. Save me.

One Walmart special pink, bikini-clad rubber chicken with pink-painted toenails + one crazy 3-year old boxer named Kao...

= hours of uninterrupted fun, with chases, taunts and the occasional fling across the room.

I really do need a life. Or at least more rubberized farm animals.


  1. that sounds like a pretty smurfing good life. IOnteracting with a playful, affectionate mutt is good for what ails you. the only thing better you could do would be to plow over a small furry animal of some sort. i wonder what your next post will be?

  2. LMAO Darth! You're mean! (and I love it!)