Saturday, May 15, 2010

A little comic relief needed... enter Bess

Leave it to a cat to offer up a little comic relief in a very sad situation. To say the last few days have been hard is an understatement. Thank goodness for a tiny feline named Bess.

I had a hard time keeping track of my purse on Thursday, with so many people in and out and so many hugs to give. So, when Bess found my purse and started to sniff the purse and rub her scent in it I thought that was ever so cute. She's a sweet grey and white cat with a little tiny Hitler mustache and she doesn't come up to people willingly. She's nervous and scared of her own shadow at times. So when she went into my purse, I thought she'd found a place to settle in. Settle in, she did.

We were all sitting around the living room and kitchen, some on the living room couch, others around the kitchen table. And, we all looked in fascination and then in disbelief as Bess stepped into the purse as if to sit in it.We realized, all in slow motion that she just wasn't sitting in it, her tail lifted and a nervous look on her face. You guessed it bloggers. The cute little feline had relieved herself all over my wallet, my two-day supply of tampons, receipts, keys and bank card. And we all sat there, unable to move, incredulous that this was indeed what was happening.

My guess is she was upset, with so many people around and a sense of sadness, she felt it and unable to speak or wrap her tiny paws around any of us, she let us know exactly how she was feeling. A little laughter and a cycle through the washing machine and all was repaired. And, I know not to leave my purse on the floor again. Or at least not the same purse.


  1. LOL.....I'm sorry I just missed that action......sounds like it would have been a Kodak moment for sure.......

  2. You missed it by mere minutes Mags! At least we all got a laugh out of it. No harm, no foul! Maybe she'll pick your purse next time!

  3. Glad that there was a moment of brevity in an amongst the sadness. See ya tomorrow Scribe.


  4. What? No PHOTO? Did she pee on your camera too??? We all need a Bess every now and again hey? Lots of love possum you all...