Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Reiki Experiment

I’ve been experimenting as of late. While there’s no need to wear surgical masks or a HASMAC suit, there may be an occasion to wear a robe. White, black, pink… choose whatever colour tickles your fancy or any other part of your body (for which I am not responsible).

A few months ago I had an epiphany while visiting my Ranger friend. She’d just come back from six months in India, a combination of work and travel, and she’d come back refreshed, recharged and reinvigorated with love for the whole planet. And, she wants to save it one person, one molecule at a time. I’d gone over to find out more about her travels (I followed her journey on FB), and I also wanted to hear about a new venture she’d started – as a Reiki practitioner. I made the mistake of referring to her as a Reiki master. No, I was told, “not master yet. I’m still in super-sponge mode.” And so was I.

I was an energy sponge. Apparently, I didn’t have enough of my own so I had to rely on hers, steal, if you will.

For those who don’t know what Reiki is, it’s something called “healing hands” where your Reiki practitioner (some are even masters) will guide you through a healing process, to open yourself up to your inner eye using their own energy and healing transferred to you through their hands. What you see/experience during this process is totally up to you and your own psyche. Me, it took me to a place where I felt like a trespasser at first. Many minutes and quite a few tears later, I felt at peace.

It’s healing by the placing of hands, and it’s not as kinky as you think. Look at it as a massage for your soul. With her hand on my lower back and one on my head, Ranger transferred her energy to me, and with it, my mind went on a trip. The third eye thing? It really works.

I was transformed. Apparently, I had been carrying a whole load of guilt around for the past 10 years. Now, I’ve had a lot of guilt in my life. Have you met my mother? But this was guilt I didn’t even know I had and I had to ask forgiveness.

My mother-in-law died over 10 years ago of pancreatic cancer. She fought valiantly and managed to make it to our wedding in November (she was diagnosed in July). I loved her; sometimes I’m remiss to admit, more than my own mother. She also loved me, unconditionally and for that I am grateful and blessed.

She died in March of the following year and about a year-and-a-half later, so did my marriage, and that was the guilt I was carrying. I’m not going to go into detail of my divorce – where the fault lay and so on – because there’s responsibility on both sides. What I will say is that I felt horrible for walking out, not for my ex-husband, but for my mother-in-law because I felt I had betrayed her. I had hurt her only son not long after she had to leave. I had been subconsciously punishing myself.

Through Reiki and using Ranger’s energy, I had taken a journey in my mind, over hills and through forests to visit my mother-in-law and the whole judge and jury, only to feel love and forgiveness, the unconditional love she gave so freely in life.

Whether I was making it up or not (at first I felt like a fraud, searching for images to appease the master), I did take a journey that led me to feelings of forgiveness and light that filled my heart for almost a week.

Hoax or not, Ranger’s Reiki are definitely top on my list for things to try (and try again) in 2010.

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  1. Wow! Wow! Scribe I'm speechless! Make the most of it - and your Reiki experience! Love