Thursday, June 18, 2009

Things that make me go GRRRR!

Isn't he cute? But, piss him off and he'll give you what for! This little guy reminds me of my Boy Wonder, looking insolent and giving attitude when he's told he can't do something. That pisses him off. The following is a little list, a Top 5 if you will, of what gets my goat. Here's Kao to introduce the Grrr! List(there are more but I didn't want to win the gargantuan blog post contest...):

Take it away, Boyo.

Grrr #1: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Everyone deserves it, not everyone gets it. I'm a firm believer in treating others how you wish to be treated and that goes for all members of the human race. The person serving you coffee at Tim Horton's does not deserve a sneering of the nose while he fixes your coffee and he deserves a please and a thank you, thank you very much. There should be no snapping of fingers, no whistles or cat-calls. A simple "may I have a double-double with milk please" will be suffice. 'Nuff said.

Grrr #2: Walking the green walk

If you're going to advertise the fact that you recycle and you respect the earth, at least have the decency of passing your Drive Clean tests. For those of you who live in other parts of the world, Canadians and Ontarians in particular have had to take their cars in for vehicle emissions testing, to make sure we are making as small a dent on our environment as possible. Today, while driving home from work, I noticed a recycling truck for a local rcompany heading onto the highway. Sure, it had recycling in the truck's belly, but it was hacking out plumes of the blackest exhaust I've ever had the chance to see. Think you're all about the environment? Think again, jackass.

Grrr #3: Close talkers

I'm all about space. Wide open space and that includes the space between me and you. Get up in my grill and I'll start to growl like the little Georgie Forman boxer there. Don't take the hint when I step back to give both of us a wider berth and I'm sure I'll bark a little louder, howl even. I'm a lover not a fighter, so I don't think it will come to fisticuffs but I'm not going to be held responsible. And don't get me started if you ever breathe on me while practising "close talking." I'll slap you. Really, I will.

Grrr #4: Re-inventing the English language

Now I'm all for progress. If there is a word that should be in the dictionary and there is a solid argument as to why it should be in there, then by all means. But if it's a non-word word, like. oh, I don't know... irregardless, then that's just plain assinine. Regardless or irregardless, it's the same thing. I think people thought of adding the "ir" to elongate the word and make them appear smarter. It doesn't. It's like fingernails down the chalkboard, just like when someone says "I don't know nothing." Apparently, you know something... that it pisses me off. Stop it. And don't get me started on your, you're, its, it's, there, their and they're. I can understand that some people may not thrive in English class. I get that, but it seems in this instant, email world it's laziness that prevails.

Grrr #5: You attract more bees with honey than with vinegar
My grandma always used to say this to me and I thought it was pretty bang on. I used to work at a gym as weekend manager, where I'd have anywhere from five to 10 people working with me that day - on the floor, in maintenance, on the front desk and juice bar. Most were students in their first job and they tended to socialize more than work. There were some exceptions, but for the most part, they needed a gentle reminder that they were there to serve the members. There were some daytime managers who did not subscribe to the honey method. They snapped their fingers, barked orders and talked down to the staff. With little results and no respect. Start with something positive, highlight a negative or a goal you'd like them to attain and thank them for doing it. It's simple. Respect. It all comes down to respect in any position or job you acquire. You give it, you receive it and it's a happy working relationship. Tempers and attitudes should not live here. Sadly, too often they do.

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