Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm a quitter!

That's right, my bloggers. I, Scribe, am a quitter. Well, as of 41 minutes ago.

After being a social smoker-turned-regular, I am giving up the tobacco, the smokes, the cancer sticks. Truth is, I used to love to smoke. Socially on the patio, the Matinee King Size Slims were part of my party arsenol. I'd buy a pack for a night on the town and smoke for an evening, storing them in the freezer so they'd be "fresh" for the next time two weeks or a month later. There they would be, between the ice cube trays and the bags of coffee beans. My friends. A little while later I would take my friends out more and more often.

The truth is I was a late bloomer, picking up the habit when I was 35. Thirty-five! I had avoided it all those years before, thinking I would be a traitor if I did. Both my parents smoked and I would chastize them for it, snubbing out their cigarettes when they weren't looking. They quit in 2000 after more than 50 years living with the habit, and five years later, I took up their charge. What a fucking moron, but I will be a moron no more.

May 25th is the new dawn of no more smoker's cough. So unattractive, it's a wonder my boyfriend still kissed me. No more sneaking a puff on my way to the karaoke bar where I'd sneak a puff between songs. No more taking Kao out for a pee and a quick drag.

Wish me luck, bloggers. It hasn't been a lifetime but it's been long enough to create quite the habit. Sure, I'll still tuck away the $10 I used to buy the cigarettes but this time it will go into the travel fund and I'll have a smoke-free, healthier lifestyle where birds will chirp, squirrels will carry on conversations with me and dogs and cats will happily co-exist. Oh damn, that's the nicotine withdrawl already starting! Save me Nicorette!


  1. Good for you, Scribe!
    It's hard as hell to kick a habit like this. Sending some positive "cyber" vibes your way along with some cheers for success. My brother-in-law has tried to quit, but no success for him yet. He'll get there one day.

  2. Thanks for the cyber-vibes, Akilah. I will use them for good and not for evil. So far, so good. There are lots of glasses of water and gum chewing going on here. I'll send my positive vibes out to your brother-in-law. Cigarettes are demons dressed up in pretty paper and filters.