Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Do I smell or something?

Is it something I’ve said or done? I have to wonder because, since starting this whole blog thing and discovering the many great personalities behind the blogs, over half of the blogs I follow have bit the dust.

Sure, some give updates every few months but when you’re conditioned nay have a downright need to connect on a co-dependant basis, it’s heartbreaking to say a goodbye, especially when you’re not ready to sever the relationship.

I have an aversion now not to become attached because life has taught me these people, these words and these ideas will disappear in about three months’ time. Some last a little longer but when blogs hit the 2-year mark they combust and I for one will not be a part of that.

It’s like a long friendship that has seen smoother roads. With some there is an explosion (or implosion), a single catastrophic event that sends everyone reeling and kneeling in their respective corners. For others it’s a slow fizzle, a dying of the light that once was a friendship.

All of them say “it’s not you, it’s me” and I tended to believe them. But, after the 10th blog list to disappear from my feed, it’s got me wondering if I did indeed do something to offend.

The latest to hit the chopping block took me aback. There was no real indication of an impending exit. The blog posts were consistent or as consistent as most of us make it. So when “Reasons to be Happy you don’t have Kids” announced its intent to close up shop, I was at first amazed and then a little frustrated.

There are a lot of good blogs out there. Most I’ve found through referral – a link on another blog. If my favourite bloggers read them, so shall I. But, I had established a relationship with these now-defunct blogs. Again, it’s like saying goodbye to a friend, no matter how long the friendship lasted. Often, it’s like a missing appendage. Will there be phantom pains whenever I hit my favourites tab?

And, how long will it be until I hit the reset button on this blogging thing? I’ll admit that I’m not as good as posting this summer since it is the summer and my brain is on somewhat of a hiatus. I’ve felt it too – the declining comments, the stagnant followers list. Perhaps people hit the hold or the release button because they feel they’ve ran out of things to talk about, or what about if those things are no longer interesting to them or their followers?

I hope I’m not defunct yet. I don’t feel it. I may sometimes stretch for a topic and not every post is prophetic. My last post is a case in point. When in doubt, post a picture of the dog.

So how do you keep it fresh? What inspires you? And how do you stop from hitting the release button?

I will await your answers. Until then, I must strap on my black arm band and mourn another fallen blog.


  1. Really? People are dropping like flies? I read a lot of blogs but very few of the blogs I read are stopping. MOst post everyday. Perhaps it's the blogs you read.


  2. I have noticed here and there someone taking a break. I imagine its like anything else, as time goes on life changes. I'm just thrilled for the ones who are here today to lift my spirits.

  3. Clarissa - I've expanded my perimeters in hopes of finding well-loved, well-lasting blogs.

    Write Life - I'm thrilled about the ones that are here today too! It's my goal to post more than 10 times a month, which seems to be my average.