Friday, September 4, 2009

Peace out, yo

I haven't deserted you... I was a guest blogger over on Simply Mags' blog - Mags needed help and it was Scribe to the rescue. Okay, it was a dare and I stepped up to the challenge. Nevertheless, you can check out my ramblings for the day over yonder.

Happy Friday everyone, and for those in Canada, happy end of (gasp!) Summer. Labour Day Monday is the last official holiday of summer. Kids are back to school, the weather has turned from rain-mixed-in-with-a little-sun-here-and-there to downright winter-jacket-and-toque-cold at night. What the hell!?!?

As for me, I am spending a relaxing weekend at home, dog sitting Rodney the Rat Terrier and trying to keep my Boy Wonder from stepping or sleeping on him. My brutus does not know his own strength. My only other plan: hiding my natural highlights and getting my hair did.

Peace out, yo.


  1. Have a nice weekend, Yo!

    I'm gonna swing by Simply Mags in a minute, Yo.

  2. Any deforestation on the agenda? Thanks for the help, man! You know's hard for me to toot my own horn....but I can toot on my flute.......

    Summer is over? When did it begin :(

  3. Akilah - Yo! I've been using that all day and I think my boss is going to have a mental breakdown. One can only hope.

    Mags - regular flute or skin flute. See, I know how your mind works!

  4. the new layout......I'm looking to change things up....not happy with what I have (I'm still talking about my page btw.....)

  5. Sure sure, Mags. I'm sure that's all you're talkin' about!

  6. Have a good weekend. I chuckled when I saw Yo. hehe. Akilah.

  7. I had to do it, Summer. Akilah dared me with her blog entry! Hope you're having a superfantabulous weekend!